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Building of the first Golspie Rowing Club St Ayles Skiff has commenced.  Premises for the build have been found, funding in place for materials and sleeves rolled all the way up!
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To submit news items please get in touch with Graeme Port: secretary@golspierowingclub.org

Highland Council Grant

We have applied for and been successfully awarded a grant by Highland Council. This is a huge boost and will enable us to build our first skiff and purchase essential equipment for the operation of the club.  Our thanks go to Highland Council for their continued support to local community groups and club. Let’s build a... read more

The skiff has landed

Skiff Kit has landed The St Ayles Skiff kit has been delivered from Jordan Boats. The skiff build team will now set about the task of gathering all the materials and getting started with the build. Jordan Boats are the designers behind the St Ayles Skiff kits, supplying kits throughout the world. Our Number Plate Each St Ayles Skiff has a number plate issued by the manufacturer.  During the build, this will have to be attached to the skiff by the built team. A list of current craft registered with the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association can be found on their website.  As you can see, there are a lot of craft, both at home and... read more

Cutting out the kit

The skiff kit from Jordan Boats comes with pre-cut plywood parts for the frames and the planking. It also includes the moulds over which the hull is built. One of the first jobs to do is cut all the various components out from the kit, label those that need labelled and get ready to start putting the frame together.   Membership is open for just £1 prior to us launching the first skiff, so sign up now!   Join... read more

Our first build night – laser precision!

Our first build night was a great success.  The main space for building the skiff was cleared and working platform built – using lasers no less!  In a side room, plans were put on the wall and space made ready for the board laminating phase.     In the next few weeks, the build team will hold an open night where new members can come along, see progress and if you fancy lending a hand, speak to Bruce to let him know your interest.  There is a maximum number of people that can safely work on the build at one time – anymore and it get too complex to manage.  However, there will be room with those with a special interest and skills to help.  Additional off boat jobs need work too e.g. oars. Membership is open for just £1 prior to us launching the first skiff, so sign up now!   Join... read more

Membership of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

We have applied for membership of the Scottish Coast Rowing Association.  This is the umbrella body that promotes the building and use of the St Ayles skiff. They have been very welcoming, and have even given us a pin on their map!  Check it out.  At the moment our pin is red.  This means that we are in the build phase and have yet to launch. The SCRA help co-ordinate events throughout the year and will ensure we are invited to all North and UK wide events – even before we have a skiff in the water.  They are also able to provide help and advice in admin matters relating to the club (which will be useful) and have contacts that can help with the boat build’s tricker elements. Also worthwhile looking at is the SCRA’s link list.  It contains everything you ever needed to know about coastal rowing and the St Ayles skiff, but were afraid to ask. Annual membership is £60 per club and we don’t need to pay until our skiff is in the... read more

1st March 2015 – Ullapool Pre-Season practice

Golspie Rowing Club members have been invited to Ullapool for Ullapool Coastal Rowing Club’s Pre-Season practice on 1st March 2015 This is an informal event, open to all North clubs and we don’t even need a skiff.  Crews will be picked randomly and assigned available skiffs.  This is a great opportunity to get our feet wet.  The event is weather dependant, so please check our Facebook page for updates. If you intend on going, please let Graeme Port know at secretary@golspierowingclub.org – we might be able to arrange a car pool.  Otherwise, just turn up at Ullapool on the... read more

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“…there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

– Kenneth Grahame

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