Membership of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

Membership of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association

We have applied for membership of the Scottish Coast Rowing Association.  This is the umbrella body that promotes the building and use of the St Ayles skiff.

They have been very welcoming, and have even given us a pin on their map!  Check it out.  At the moment our pin is red.  This means that we are in the build phase and have yet to launch.

The SCRA help co-ordinate events throughout the year and will ensure we are invited to all North and UK wide events – even before we have a skiff in the water.  They are also able to provide help and advice in admin matters relating to the club (which will be useful) and have contacts that can help with the boat build’s tricker elements.

Also worthwhile looking at is the SCRA’s link list.  It contains everything you ever needed to know about coastal rowing and the St Ayles skiff, but were afraid to ask.

Annual membership is £60 per club and we don’t need to pay until our skiff is in the water.

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  1. Nice one. All the very best with this new venture.


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