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Building of the first Golspie Rowing Club St Ayles Skiff has commenced.  Premises for the build have been found, funding in place for materials and sleeves rolled all the way up!
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Golspie Rowing Club is Formed

Building a new community club can take time.  Building a new community club that needs funds to build a Skiff, that takes more time. Golspie Rowing Club was formed March 25th 2014.  Founding Chairman and Vice Chairman were Campbell Port and Bruce Shelley respectively. It will be quite some time before we have a Skiff in the water. The main reason for this is the need (and continued need) to source funding for the club.  With the club correctly constituted and a sufficient number of members in place, the search for funding has begun. We have chosen an interim logo (for headed paper during the funding application process), this will be revised in due course. Should you have any funding ideas, please get in touch.  ... read more

St Ayles Skiff

Length (feet)

Beam (inches)

Weight (kg)


“…there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

– Kenneth Grahame

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